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About us

Our corporate development

Since 2018 HELSKE People Care has worked successful in Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.Today HELSKE People Care operates 9 outpatient care services. Even the best years have many stages in life. Maybe parts in which you need more ore less help. We at HELSKE People Care support people in every stage if needed. Our company was founded in 2018 and is part oft he international HELSKE Group.

December 2018


Beginning of the year 2019:

Conception & real estate selection

April 2019

Start of construction in Bad Harzburg (VitaLife, Day Care, Shared Flats)

July 2019

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Bad Harzburg

October 2019

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Bad Abbach

November 2019

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Schwabach

March 2020

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Nürnberg

May 2020

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Quedlinburg

August 2020

Opening of nursing service HELSKE München

September 2020

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Wernigerode

Autumn 2020

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Magdeburg

May 2021

Opening of nursing service HELSKE Oschersleben

Nursing services

Care understanding

Every aspect of your life is important to us. Because of that, we improve people’s quality of life and help them to be independent, self-determined and vital. We want to create an environment in which comfort and modern architecture are combined with functionality and complemented by a balanced range of services. We unite people and nature, preserve the environment and protect our resources. We meet people’s needs through innovation to offer the highest quality in every stage of life. Our care concept focuses on the human being. This means that all services we offer are aimed at improving people’s well-being. Safety and cordiality as well as personal care are a matter of course for us.

Care model

We at HELSKE People Care offer individual holistic and targeted nursing and caring. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priority. By the term care we mean the holistic view of the person concerned and the activation of their abilities and resources.

Guiding principles in nurse care are:

All care-dependet people will be seen dignifiedly as independent personality with an own biography and an individual life achievement. We respect self determination of the care-dependet people and all the time we care others as we would be like to be cared ourselves.

The basis of good communication is for us mutual trust. A good relationship between the person in need of care and the nursing staff is significant for the quality of the care. We are at your side as a competent partner in all care situations, providing guidance, advice and information.

We see the people not only as customers, but we take them serious with all their needs. Our highest maxime is to show compassion and life.

We care according to current professional standards and increase our knowledge by participating in further development and implement the gained knowledge in nursing practice.

The satisfaction of our employees has a positive effect on nursing care. We focus on the needs of our employees. We form quality circles, pay attention to good and regular internal communication and reflect on our work processes in order to constantly improve them.

A certified system of quality management is a matter of course for us to assure and develop the quality of nursing. We ensure personnel continuity in your care and participate in work groups and quality circles.

Our values



We attach great importance to compassion and empathy. A smile here, an encouraging word there: that is what humanity is for us.

Favourite People

We focus on the people we work with every day and are grateful for their commitment. We value the relationship with our customers and employees because it is important to us.


It is only through the individual strengths of each individual that we are strong together. Respectful interaction with each other and the recognition of individual (life)achievements are an obviousness for us.


Thanks to our flat hierarchy, our communication channels are personal, open and short. This makes proximity more tangible for our customers and employees.


We have the highest quality standards, which we continuously develop further. Transparent and standardized processes are of central importance to us. Nevertheless, it is important to us that we also learn from our mistakes.


We think and act in an environmentally conscious manner and attach great importance to the responsible and sustainable use of resources.

Our Team

Experts from different sectors work together at HELSKE People Care to be successful. Our employees make the difference with many years of experience, passion and commitment.

Roman Stancel

Roman Stancel


Roman Stancel has extensive experience in the field of health and social services and has worked for many years in the field of care and assistance for the elderly. He has acquired his knowledge, skills and abilities through his Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Care Management and his work in Project Management at HELSKE People Care. Customers and their needs are his top priority.

089 / 45 20 33 76

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Dieter Müller-Ostermaier

Dieter Müller-Ostermaier


Dieter Müller-Ostermaier can already look back on 20 years of management experience in the field of care for senior citizens. Through his further education “Management for Nursing Service Management” he was able to acquire the qualification for his activities, among others. Most recently, he held the position of managing director for inpatient facilities. Working with people on people is the basic building block of his philosophy and quality claim.

089 / 89 06 11 39

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Franziska Gilgenrainer

Franziska Gilgenrainer


Franziska Gilgenrainer is a trained health care management assistant to the managing directors. Her area of responsibility is characterised by a wide range of organisational activities. The focus here is primarily on supporting the managing directors in all administrative tasks that arise. She also coordinates and organises administrative processes at all HELSKE People Care locations.

089 / 45 20 33 76

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Sophie Samland

Sophie Samland


Sophie Samland successfully completed her master’s degree in business administration with a focus on human resources and marketing in London and brings with her initial professional experience in the areas of human resources and employer branding. At HELSKE People Care she is the interface for employer branding, recruiting and applicant management. She is looking forward to convince new favorite people of HELSKE People Care and to welcome new favorite people at HELSKE People Care.

0151 / 72 92 96 29

Phone E-mail
Katrin Krause

Katrin Krause


Katrin Krause has more than eleven years of experience in nursing sector and has further development as a responsible nursing manager. She is currently completing a part-time B.A. in nursing management. The implementation and continuous development of the internal quality standards have top priority for her. Through her daily work, she provides our employees with positive process security.

089 / 55 27 88 80

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Jan Stuzky

Jan Stutzky


Jan Stutzky has more than ten years of experience in accounting & controlling and is now responsible for financial accounting at HELSKE People Care. Through close cooperation with the management and the nursing services at all locations, Mr Stutzky ensures transparent and supportive reporting. A precise working method is very important to him.

 089 / 55 27 88 80

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Muharrem Yildiz

Muharrem Yildiz


As a trained office administrator with a degree in business administration, Muharrem Yildiz has more than 10 years of professional experience. He has already proven his HR know-how in earlier positions in the forwarding and publishing industries. He is motivated by the challenge of optimizing processes and making them faster and easier. A special aspect of his work is the interaction and cooperation with people.

089 / 89 06 11 40

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Frank Muzic

Franc Muzik


Frank Muzic brings many years of in-depth expert knowledge in nursing. Frank Muzic began his career with an apprenticeship as a geriatric nurse. This was followed by numerous further training courses, which steadily expanded his expertise. In total, he can look back on four years in various management positions. His goal is to improve the circumstances in nursing care, especially in the areas of sustainability and appreciation of the nursing staff.

 0173 / 85 87 932

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Farhadur Rahman

Farhadur Rahman


Farhadur Rahman has successfully completed his Master of Business Administration in London, majoring in Finance and Accounting. He has over 11 years of international experience in operational management and finance. His philosophy towards work is that it is important to take on new challenges and activities where you grow and learn on a regular basis. It is also important to give back, both inside and outside the workplace.

089 / 89 06 11 41

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Martin Görke

Martin Görke


Martin Görke has many years of experience in the outpatient care sector. After his nursing training and further training as a nursing service manager, he took on a management position in the family business. Martin Görke has been working in the field of home-based intensive care since 2018. He finds working with people and being there for others the best aspects of his job. He is particularly enthusiastic about supporting people who need intensive medical care and giving them back a piece of their quality of life

0172 / 26 24 884

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Stephanie Beier

Stephanie Beier


Stephanie Beier is a trained nurse and has completed further training as a nursing service manager. She has 19 years of nursing experience and has already worked for 10 years in various management positions in the outpatient and inpatient nursing sector. Stephanie Beier loves to advocate for others. Her philosophy is to be fair, to work together on tasks but above all with heart and never to lose humanity.

039 43 / 53 97 400

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Your Name


We are pleased that you are interested in a job at HELSKE People Care. Here you can get an overview of current job offers and apply online. Your desired job is not listed? No problem, simply send us an unsolicited application stating your place of work and the desired position and send an e-mail to

089 / 45 20 33 77

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Our partners

We work closely together with our partners to be able to offer the best possible performance. Our cooperations with companies from the technique and care sector enables us to support our customers with high-quality services and to make a pleasant life at home possible.


(Our partner for care documentation)

MediFox GmbH, based in Hildesheim, has been a reliable partner for care services and social stations since 1994. With over 6,800 customers from a and inpatient care, MediFox is now firmly established in a highly competitive market. The portfolio is complemented by MediFox therapy – an innovative software solution for therapeutic practices with which more than 600 customers throughout Germany are already working.

Mediq Deutschland GmbH

(medical products)

“An illness or chronic ailment has a major impact on everyone’s life. We, at Mediq Germany, stand by patients, relatives as well as customers, during this challenging time. We support you as a competent contact in the areas of Homecare, rehabilitation and orthopedics. For us, improving the quality of life and maintaining independence means helping people to participate in life in a dignified and active manner. Our MediqBOX contains the most important products for the care of your relative. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. At our Frankfurt office, we also carry a large assortment of medical aids, special constructions and custom-made products from the areas of rehabilitation and orthopedic technology.”


(Our partner for Home Emergency System)

3 Vitakt Hausnotruf GmbH was founded at the end of 1993. The company is based in Rheine in Westphalia. Since the founding of the company, which operates nationwide, more than 300,000 people have been provided with a Vitakt home emergency call system. Currently, 82,200 customers are served. The emergency calls of Vitakt customers are answered around the clock by the employees of the company’s own service control centre. They make sure that the customer’s caregivers (relatives, neighbours, nursing staff) or the local emergency services are informed, depending on the customer’s need for help. The Vitakt home emergency call system is an approved care aid that is free of additional payment after approval by the care insurance. It is compatible with all existing telephone connections (VoIP, DSL, cable etc.) of all telephone companies.

WiBU PflegePlus GmbH

(Partner for care consumables)

WiBU PflegePlus GmbH has established itself in the care and healthcare market with an extremely customer-oriented all-round carefree package and is now much more than a product supplier of over 9,500 items. With a large team of medical product consultants, as well as expertise and training, we support you in the demands of everyday care. A plus that has already convinced 12,000 satisfied customers. Since 1920.

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