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A retirement home should be a place to live

How should an active life look in your golden years? Find out how we think about it.

Helske People Care

An apartment can be a place in the sun

A retirement home should be a place to live

Find out how it feels to live in a Helske resort

Every person deserves a valuable life in older age and we HELSKE People Care make it possible. That is why we offer our residents premium apartments for senior citizens with connected services for individual needs and wishes of our residents. And no matter what life brings, we take an opportunity for our customers to face life and its challenges safely and relaxed.

Our approach

The individual is at the very core of our thoughts and actions. But what does that actually mean?

Our resorts

Helske People Care resorts are beautifully situated and seamlessly integrated into their surroundings.

Premium apartments

Apartments offering everything your heart desires – and all you could possibly need.

Active life

The residents of a Helske People Care resort can enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities.


Fancy a massage? Never want to worry about the laundry again? Want to be cooked for all the time?

Our resorts have so much to offer.


It takes very special architects to design schemes that put people at the centre of our attention– we have found them.


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