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HELSKE People Care awarded as Top and Open Company

In June 2020, HELSKE People Care was awarded the TOP COMPANY and OPEN COMPANY seals of approval by Europe’s leading employer assessment platform

The leading employer assessment platform awards the seals of approval to employers who can demonstrate a high level of employee satisfaction. The status TOP COMPANY can only be achieved by good evaluations of the employees. An overall evaluation of at least 3 points and at least 6 evaluations are required.


A characteristic of an OPEN COMPANY is when a company actively encourages its employees to rate kununu, comments on existing ratings or provides insights into the daily work routine in the form of a kununu company profile.

HELSKE People Care currently has an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 and is pleased about the positive feedback of its employees. It shows the appreciative and open way of dealing with each other.



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